5 in-demand vehicles for winter

Which used vehicles are buyers looking for this winter?

We’ve dug around in the data and, according to our research, the following used construction and transportation vehicles see the biggest increase in interest from buyers over the winter:

If you have any of these vehicles ready to sell, now is a great time to list them on Tradus. Buyers are ready and waiting to invest in secondhand vehicles and machinery, and demand for these particular types is higher than average.

In the above chart, anything over 1.00 shows above-average demand. ‘Demand’ is defined by the number of email enquiries from buyers requesting more information about a product for sale. This number is calculated per season, and divided by the yearly average. So as you can see, demand rises considerably after summer (see which vehicles were most in-demand in fall), and by the time we get to winter, the numbers are consistently way above average.

Increased demand overall

Across the board, we can see an increase in demand in all categories as winter arrives. This could be because individuals and companies are planning ahead for the new year, have already secured their contracts and know their budgets.

It could also be down to the fact that sellers are taking the opportunity during the quieter winter months to stocktake their fleet and sell the vehicles they’re no longer using, and the increase in secondhand vans, trucks and buses for sale creates a flurry of interest from buyers.

Which used vehicles are best to buy in winter?

More sellers may be listing concrete pourers at this time of year because concrete doesn’t get poured when the weather is freezing. So savvy buyers may know that they can get a better deal by buying used concrete pump trucks out of season.

Similarly, hook-arm system trucks and tipper vans are used less in winter as there is typically less construction debris to clear.  And buses which may have been busy with holidays and trips all summer may be sold in winter to be replaced in time for the next summer season.

Using the Tradus Market Value Tool (TMV), it’s easy to instantly compare prices of vehicles on Tradus against market average. Willing to buy a vehicle that is priced above market average? Contact the seller to understand why, since there might be a good reason for it. Planning to list a vehicle above market average? Explain why your vehicle is worth more than market average.

How might COVID-19 impact these trends?

These figures are based on data collected over the 2018/19 and 2019/20 winter seasons, before COVID-19 hit. So, when we crunch the numbers for 2020 we may notice a shift in demand for buses and coaches. For example: fewer coach trips and holidays could mean a decrease in coach use, or on the other hand, social distancing measures may have created a need for more coaches to transport the same number of people. Either way, now is a great time for buyers to find a good deal on a used coach for future use.

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