Free exposure for Tradus Premium sellers on otomotoprofi.pl

Tradus is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Otomoto Profi (otomotoprofi.pl): the heavy machinery arm of OTOMOTO, Poland’s #1 automotive marketplace. This partnership enables Tradus sellers to gain more visibility for their Transport, Farming, Construction and Material Handling equipment.

The partnership between Tradus and Otomoto Profi lets Tradus sellers boost their inventory in Poland – one of the top buyer markets within Europe. With a press of a button, offers published on Tradus can also be published to otomotoprofi.pl. This export functionality is available for Tradus Premium sellers on the stock page in their Tradus PRO account, as illustrated in the image below.

Otomoto Profi

With the heavy machinery specialisation of Tradus and the vast trader network of Otomoto, Otomoto Profi had a flying start. Despite being a relatively new platform, Otomoto Profi already has a large active buyer base on par with top competitors thanks to a user interface that buyers love and the strong reputation of the OTOMOTO brand within Poland.

From Germany and The Netherlands to Poland

For German and Dutch traders, Poland is an important sales market and distribution hub. From there, machines are distributed further into the East to countries like Ukraine and Russia. This funnel effect makes Poland a strong business partner in the used commercial vehicles market. “With our collaboration and the Otomoto Profi joint venture, this international trading alliance is only being strengthened”, says Nadja Sörgel, General Manager of Tradus.

Tradus received more than 2 times more visitors on its platform www.tradus.com in 2020 compared to the year before. With no signs of slowing down and the freshly launched new partnership with Otomoto Profi, this points to a promising future for the global marketplace of used heavy machinery and commercial equipment.

Check out Otomoto Profi here or create a Premium account on Tradus PRO to tap into the Polish market via Otomoto Profi.