Which used vehicles are buyers looking for this spring?

The warmer months of the year are closing in again – resulting in changing heavy machinery needs for businesses and professionals. As seasonality affects certain activities across transportation, farming and construction industries, buyer activity on Tradus moves accordingly.

Based on our data the following categories attract the most buyers during spring months relative to the rest of the year:

  1. Pickup trucks
  2. Fire trucks
  3. Small vans
  4. Vacuum trucks
  5. Army / Military trucks

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Based on an index value, the graph above shows the top 5 most popular product categories on Tradus during spring months. The index is calculated by comparing the monthly average in buyer replies throughout the year to the buyer reply average during spring months. Index values above 1.0 represent above average demand in the spring. In order to calculate the index, data is used from 2018 – 2020.

What usually stands out in spring?

Spring is generally a popular time to purchase used heavy machinery. More buyers visit tradus.com and the number of sellers they reach out to is higher on average compared to other months.

So what’s different this time of year? A lot of construction work kicks off during spring, meaning that many businesses and professionals are focusing on maintenance and looking for new equipment to prepare for the work to come.

The same motivation partly applies to transportation equipment, as some vehicles are needed to support work at construction sites either directly or indirectly.

The tax returns many people and companies receive during the spring also play a contributing factor. This additional budget, combined with the energy that comes with sunnier days, drive buyers to purchase new machinery and invest in their business.

What makes our top 5 so popular?

Pickup trucks on Tradus seem to be the absolute spring favorites. With over 2 times more buyer interest during spring compared to other seasons, many people want to take them for a spin. Logically, the drier months of the year offer many occasions to drive around shipments in an open back of a pickup truck without getting wet.

What’s driving the demand for vacuum trucks? These vehicles are a relatively new face on the construction site. Since some of those trucks are used for industrial work, they are a great help in hydro excavation projects. More precise excavations and the decreased risk of underground damage when using are a few reasons why these vehicles are a great buy to help with spring construction work.

Double your chances by selling machinery in spring

Whether the heavy machinery you have for sale shows up in the spring top 5 or not, you can still increase your chances of selling your stock. Since Tradus partnered up with Otomoto in a joint venture called Otomoto Profi, Tradus sellers can easily copy their ads on tradus.com to otomotoprofi.pl to reach more buyers in Poland- read more about the partnership here.

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