How machine learning & artificial intelligence (AI) helps sellers on Tradus

At Tradus, we are bringing used heavy machinery trade to the next level with help of AI and machine learning. Our latest technologies make heavy equipment trade easier and smarter, so sellers spend less time publishing quality ads and buyers are able to find these ads effortlessly.

One of our top areas of focus is listing quality: by improving listing quality automatically, we attract more relevant buyers to the right equipment. These are the areas in which our technologies are currently running:

  1. Optimized images
  2. Addition of equipment specifications
  3. Improved offer categorization

Smart technologies running in the background

Buyers of heavy machinery simply want to find equipment that suits their needs. Hence, all relevant offers on Tradus should: show up in the right category (improved offer categorization), be discoverable via the available filter options (addition of specifications) and look appealing as equipment worth investing in (optimized images).

1. Optimized images

The photo above shows an example of how images are automatically improved by a tool on Tradus. So far, this tool has led to 3% more adviews to listings across our Transport, Farm, Construction and Material Handling categories.

In addition to improving image quality, we also dynamically adapt the first listing picture shown on overview pages. Since prospective buyers only see one photo on overview pages (as you can see below), we show the photo that is most likely to spark engagement, based on historical data.

2. Addition of missing equipment specifications

We know that it can be quite time consuming for our sellers to create a complete, detailed listing of the equipment they have for sale. This usually requires writing detailed descriptions and mentioning equipment specifications separately, such as: dimensions, engine information etc.

At Tradus, we have created a tool that helps by filling in equipment specifications whenever these are mentioned in the listing description already. This saves precious time for sellers and enables buyers to more easily find equipment that fits their requirements.

So far, this tool has generated 45% more impressions among buyers that are actively looking for certain equipment specifications.

3. Improved offer categorization

Sometimes it happens that equipment is categorized incorrectly, leading to undiscovered buying opportunities for heavy machinery buyers. To limit these chances, we have developed a tool that helps identify misclassified listings.

With help of image recognition, we are able to find listings that should be categorized differently. Republishing these listings to the right category, enables more buyers to find them. So far, we have decreased the amount of misclassified listings by 8%.

What to expect in future?

We are continuously developing new solutions and improving existing tools to make used heavy machinery trade easier and smarter. With help of machine learning and teams of specialists, we are able to run many tests and analyse loads data to improve the trading experience on Tradus.

An area we are currently investing more time in is upgrading our equipment recommendations to potential buyers. The easier buyers can find what they are looking for, the higher the likelihood of your equipment getting sold.

If you are not yet part of our network, join here and start trading today! Looking for your next piece of equipment? Check out available offers on Tradus over here.